We have been blessed with many great opportunities over the past few years and now those opportunities are available to you! These products are available to purchase. Some books that we have co-authored are on here for purchase, Colleen Lindberg’s own book is here to purchase and other items that pertain to what we teach!

You can also get additional Kolbe products (Books, audios) on here for more understanding of great innate talents and abilities. Enjoy!!

Change the Light Bulb

Have you been looking to make a change but haven’t been sure where to start? Are you passionate about your world and keen to take your energetic participation in it to the next level? Can you accept that scoring victorious achievement in all aspects of one’s existence is actually a choice we each tackle every day? Then this book is for you. Change the Lightbulb is essential reading for anyone who wants success in their lives. Welcome to the world of harnessing your destiny. May your journey toward the life you’re meant to live be fulfilling and full of excitement.

Purchase it here for $17.00

“Colleen’s Change The Light Bulb walks you clearly through what is required for you to understand and implement changes in your life that will result in a new, brighter you. If you are looking for a new and innovative approach to success and fulfillment then this book is the answer you have been searching for.”

~ Sheila Trecartin rp cra c.r.h.p World Renowned Animal Communicator

“Change the Light Bulb provides you with a fresh straight to the point approach to truly understanding yourself and how to take action for a successful balanced life. “

~ Suzanne Letourneau author of SOAR with Vulnerability, Speaker and Entrepreneur

The Unstoppable Woman’s Guide to Emotional Well-Being

This book was written and created by 25 different female authors from around the world. All sharing wisdom of emotional well being from their lives into the lives of other women. When it comes to the dynamics of women, we are vast and as some men say quite complicated… this book will assist women in their own enlightenment as well bring some supportive words for stability.

No matter what age you are there is never a better time than the present to become better in-tuned with who you are! Here’s to the unstoppable women inside of you!

Order your copy today  it’s only $19.95

Shop Kolbe Audio

When it comes to understanding yourself, you can imagine it’s a process. What better way to ignite this learning than with some great audios on your natural instinct and innate abilities.  Click on link below to see the variety of Kolbe audios offered. All the natural advantage audios are listed with many other audios from Kathy Kolbe, the creator of the concept.

Some other titles:  Avoiding Stress/Kolbe Concept® CD, Commitments You Keep/Communicating Naturally and many more

Shop Kolbe Books

Looking for more insight on your Kolbe and on how it can affect you in teams? Check out these books written by the Kolbe Corp and Kathy Kolbe. They provide much insight to the self and will assist you in great learning.

Some titles to choose from: Catalyst Gut Checks for Career Moves, Pure Instinct, Powered by Instinct 5 Rules for Trusting Your Gut and many more.