I came across this journal after a retreat I had attended back in November 2017. We had gone through a daily gratitude session and I wanted to continue to implement it into my everyday life, along with honoring my goals, tracking my progress and managing my time. Usually this would take a journal, my goals book and a day planner just to monitor all this. Ever felt that way? Well I came across the BestSelf Journal which changed everything!

It is a 13 week journal, perfect for each quarter of the year! It allows you to set the quarterly goals and then has it broken down into your weekly goals.
Along with this you have a daily focus page that allows you to take the weekly tasks, plug them into the time slots and align your goals. You have a spot in the AM and PM for your gratitude notes and it allows you to highlight your wins for the day and learning!
I love this journal!

Want yours? Click here and get one yourself! It will be an amazing experience!