“My definition of success is the freedom to be yourself”, says Kathy Kolbe, founder of the Kolbe Corp. and ground-breaking theorist in the field of Conation.

With the freedom to be yourself, you can make great strides in your career, family life, and other personal relationships.
People who’ve taken the Kolbe Indexes™ have become more confident, more energetic, and more powerful – just from understanding their natural talents.

Boost Your Career

The central premise of the Kolbe for Careers is simple: You will excel and enjoy the greatest fulfillment in a job that lets you tackle challenges in a way that works for you.

Build Better Teams

Synergy doesn’t just happen by chance. It takes the right mix of instinctive talents in the right roles. Kolbe identifies this formula for success with an extraordinary level of accuracy and detail. Kolbe doesn’t just identify the cause of team productivity problems it delivers strategies to solve them.

Improve Your Relationships

Do you wish you could say what you want in a relationship without it being perceived as a criticism? Kolbe’s approach to relationships compares reality with expectations and explains the dynamics behind individual actions and reactions. Once you understand your instincts and those that drive your friend, partner or spouse, you can easily discuss your differences, laugh about them and develop techniques for dealing with them.

Kolbe Indexes are fun and easy to complete online in less than 20 minutes.
Backed by more than 30 years of research and practical applications, they provide an amazingly accurate map of an individual’s natural instincts, or modus operandi (MO).

C. Lindberg Consulting – Kolbe Concept Part 1
C. Lindberg Consulting – Kolbe Concept Part 2

Kolbe A™ Index

The Kolbe A™ Index measures a person’s instinctive method of operation (MO), and identifies the ways he or she will be most productive. It need only be taken once, since these innate abilities do not change over time.

Kolbe A™ Index

Kolbe B™ Index

The Kolbe B™ Index measures an individual’s expectations of how he or she should perform in a current job. Comparing a Kolbe B™ Index result with a Kolbe A™ Index result yields insights into how to leverage instinctive talents at work.

Kolbe B™ Index

Career MO+™

A supplemental report to the Kolbe A Index result, the Career MO+™ identifies jobs and careers that fit your MO. It also offers guidance on how to make the most of your natural talents in a current job.

Career MO™

All Assessments come with a 1 Hour Interpretation, a follow up meeting to make sure that comprehension and implementation are understood, a specialized audio MP3 and a 13 page report all included in this pricing