Are you looking to start a new company?

Maybe you have been meaning to do it for a while or maybe it’s something you just came up with, we completely understand.

We are here to assist with our Start Up Company Program.
We assist companies to firstly evaluate what it is they are getting into, where their capital is coming from,who their competitors are, what’s it going to take to make it and what to do next!

We can help you

  1. Write and create your business plan for funding purposes or for an outline of where you are going.
  2. Create a 2 year cashflow proforma to make sure you stay on track with your expenses and income.
  3. Create a marketing plan to generate leads, sales and alliances.
  4. Establish your name in the industry by meeting new people, creating credibility and having success.
  5. We will assist you in putting together your social media plan and assist you in executing it. We can also create a basic website for you to get started in the web promotion median.
  6. We can do sales workshops, cold calling workshops, strategy planning workshops and process workshops with you and your employees (all can also be done one on one).
  7. We can assist you in creating the launch/grand opening of your business.
  8. Most of all, we will help you get out there and be there every step of the way through out the beginning stages of your business.