This is an inventory of the different seminars/workshops that we teach/outline for you and your company

Top Performance

Propel your organization forward and make excellence a reality with our leadership training for supervisors, sales managers, executives and leaders in all areas. Master the skills of how to effectively create positive change in operations and employees while staying true to principles that work. Application activities, case-studies and real-life scenarios help your leaders to  develop a plan of action for transforming a vision of leadership into an implementable reality.

Success in Sales:

Boost revenue, shorten your sales cycle, increase referrals, improve your closing ratio and create customers for life. This will all be outlined in the CLC Sales Seminar

Essential Presentation Skills

Develop presentation skills that help you present your services/products to clients, think on your feet while seated at a conference table during meetings; assist you in becoming a better communicator through verbal and non-verbal communication, acquire new skills for the presentations you already do.

Team Synergy and Team Building Seminar

Heighten the abilities in your team by allowing them to better understand the driving force in their team mates creation. By better understanding each other we then can learn to accept and allow people to be who they are. This will create a more balance team approach in your company.

Marketing Strategies that work every time

Compile different marketing strategies that work with your customers, industry and most of all your values.  It is vital to perfect your marketing strategies all the while staying on top of your game, how do you create this? Uncovering this is what we will do in this formulated session.

Networking Essentials

What you need to know to network yourself, sell your services, align with potential referral networks and maximize your own performance in the industry you are in.

Social Media

Leverage your results on social media, open more doors frequently and easily, build more sustaining relationships, establish trust and like faster and easier; all the while staying at the office on your computer

Customer Loyalty

Build lifelong customers who come back year after year once you and your employees learn the difference between customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

How do you earn loyal customers?
Your employees will acquire the skills for developing customer advocates and will learn how to sincerely invest in people to create committed friendships that go beyond the usual disposable business mentality. No matter what the economy is doing your company will thrive with it’s loyal customers.

Change the Light Bulb

How to stay in innovation and on top of your game in the changing times, that is what this seminar will define. Innovative marketing strategies, innovative client retention strategies, innovative team building, anything innovative will be talked in this interactive seminar. Change is the only thing constant in our lives, how do we as organizations learn to stay on top of change?

Finding out your innate ability

Creating teams to evolve in more productivity and better performance. Once we can understand what drives us we can then better align ourselves for performance. Acquire teams that will do the same, less work, less effort, less stress that is what you will gain from this seminar.