Our Results Are Directly Defined By The Actions We Take

An organizations greatest competitive advantage lies in building employee teams that go beyond that of a mere collection of individuals.

It’s through these synergistically, aligned teams that profits increase, performance happens at a higher level with less effort and the overall company has more collaboration and better results.

The Kolbe Index™ is a tool that measures a persons conation

Conation is the drive, instinct, mental energy, and talent a person has.

By uncovering each persons Kolbe Index™, the Kolbe System can not only educate each individual to what their innate strengths and weaknesses are but also arrange people using their Kolbes to put them into ideal teams to create ultimate synergy.
By creating such teams, individual company performance soars.

What is NOT happening in your organization/team right now?

  • What time constraints does the team face?
  • What are the biggest external threats to your team’s/organization’s existence?
  • (These are some of the questions Kolbe will answer for you)

For a company, conative diversity provides the multiplier effect that converts otherwise limited creative energy of independent contributors into vastly magnified productivity.
Any one person, no matter how intelligent and committed to an effort, can contribute only through it’s own action modes. No one can do it all.
Combining the effort of other people’s actions,  covering all the areas in action modes will allow for divers solutions and vast capabilities.

This is what the Kolbe Concept will do for your company

  • It will improve individual and group productivity
  • It will create teams with ideal synergy so that more gets done in less time. You will achieve more with fewer people and fewer financial and other resources will be needed
  • It will reduce the obstacles that cause debilitating stress allowing for fewer absenteeism and higher job retention rates.
  • It will align team member expectations with supervisor requirements
  • It will reduce conflicts of interaction and allow people to understand each others strengths
  • It will break through group inertia and organizational paralysis

With a team that is of better understanding of each others innate abilities they can effectively come together to create synergy and production.

We will assist you in aligning more productivity, more profit and better results all around.