“We provide the missing link in the hiring process”

We assist companies in screening and selecting the best job applicants for the execution of the positions they are hiring for.

Instead of guessing how well a prospective employee will perform, let us help you identify the required methods of operations (or profits), of the ideal candidate.

We will let you know whether each candidate qualifies to meet your particular operations based on a scale of A to F for their talent.  You will then be able to see how the person fits into your team and whether they are qualified for the job.  We can also assist you in classifying high performers and individuals who can fill a critical gap on your team.

Some key benefits to our approach:

  1. We will reduce turnover and assist in cost saving methods when it comes to training new employees and overall employee overhead
  2. We have been approved by legal departments and meet the EEOC requirements as a selection tool that clearly establishes job relatedness.
  3. We are specifically designed to incorporate factors that drive successful job performance and is unbiased to age, gender, race and national origin.
  4. We will save you time in hiring and training the “wrong” candidates

The Kolbe Concept (defined in earlier pages) allows us to attain all of this.

Here are some testimonials on it’s results

“Kolbe’s instincts, insights and intuition helped the Phoenix Suns spot the potential of a little known person named Dan Majerle, who became an All- Star.” Dick Schaap, ABC Sports

“Through the Kolbe management reports we got results that were much more reliable than what we had with other tests.” Hank Van Kampen, TQM Facilitator-Fuel Systems, Textron

“Using Kolbe has made the difference between a mediocre management team, and one that works together and wins all the time.” Richard Weden, American Express Co. (Russia)

Some other companies that use the Kolbe System

  • Bell Canada
    Chase Bank
    The Strategic Coach

  • H&R Block
    Kauffman Foundation
    The Hershey Company

  • Microsoft Corporation