Outside of the services outlined on the other corporate portfolio pages we can also contribute these other services to your company

  • Social Media Marketing Strategies: Let us assist you in aligning your social media to create you income. Certain execution tips have faster results than others. We will example this to you and coach you through this process or if you want to, we can do it for you!
  • Basic Website Development: If you are a new company to the web and looking for a basic web presence then we can establish that for you. Basic graphics, images and content are included in our website development package.  All packages are customizable to fit the clients needs.
  • Networking and Promotional Tips/Strategies: We host numerous networking events and have taught many people how “to sell” their business concept. This service will allow you to network more efficiently and develop promotional strategies that work and can be duplicated into your business.
  • Financing/Budgeting/Cash Flow Advice: We have aligned ourselves with experts in this area to bring you an additional advantage to our services. If you are looking for cash flow advice, investor information, granting possibilities or other ways to eliminate some costs, contact us for a free estimate and analysis.
  • Referral Incentives and Client Retention Strategies:  We have assisted many companies with incentives for their clients.  A client is always looking to be appreciated and heard so why not give them what they are looking for.  We will teach you creative ways on how to retain clients through proven results and how to create a referral network that will keep your business prosperous.
  • Self Awareness Coaching: Through understanding of ourselves only than can we truly understand others. In business we sometimes forget this aspect of things and put ourselves last. Our actions create reactions in other people, in teams this is something that will create conflict or harmony. We will assist you in self awareness practices and create accountability for their execution.
  • Effective Communication Courses/Coaching: We have created processes to teach effective communication in work related relationships and public speaking events. We will assist you in speaking your message clearly, efficiently and productively. This can be integrated into personal relationships outside of the office.
  • Accountability Programs for Results: We have created structured result-oriented accountability programs for all employees of the company. Accountability is not just something the sales team should stand in, it is part of the culture that creates a great, successful business. Let us assist you in creating this in your company.

Call us for additional information on these services or to book your free initial assessment today!