Defining your goals and aligning your activities to reach your growth targets.

Throughout the years, Colleen has started and helped run numerous businesses including businesses in the internet marketing industry, the hospitality industry, the printing industry, the wealth management industry, and the retail industry. She also was hired on to consult in numerous personal development and seminar companies, moving companies, manufacturing sector businesses, construction companies,  health and wellness companies and some network marketing businesses.

Through much experience and of course trial error, Colleen has established CLC Consulting and Coaching practice, where she currently helps individuals, teams and businesses get the results that they are looking for.

Creating synergistic teams and more profitability are some of the specialties that Colleen offers her clients. She believes that once people can truly understand themselves, then they can become the best of who they are in whatever aspect of life they are focused in. Her innovative approaches and upfront mannerisms have assisted many companies in revolutionizing their brands, sales and employee performance.

Through this journey, Colleen has experienced opportunities where growth, choices and habits were the pivotal turning points in companies and individual successes. The concepts in her newly released book, Change the Light Bulb, signify this journey and all the learning behind the principles of success.

Colleen is a certified Kolbe Specialist and Consultant. Her vast experience and expertise in Human Resources and People Development is what assists companies in their performance bottom line. If you are looking for results, Colleen’s systematic approach will get you there, every time. Contact Colleen today for a complimentary assessment on your business.