Weekly Accountability Meetings (WAM)

I have come to realize that checking in with yourself and monitoring your progress is a key measurement for monitoring your goals. It’s the reality check to see if I actually did everything I needed to do to move things forward. Now this can be done in all aspects of our lives. Through our health, our connections and our businesses. The Weekly Accountability meeting is that meeting you set on a weekly basis to do your reflection from the week and see what you accomplished and what you miss stepped on. It’s for the celebrations of the small wins and to make sure you are on track for the goals you set. It’s also a great time to set up your next week and reframe where you need to.

Reflection is a powerful process on all accounts and it allows to reframe in real time. Which means all and all we can get to where we want to go faster and with less chaos. I think that’s really what we want isn’t it?

Here is our weekly video on WAM’s and how you can also set yourself for success with them! 🙂 Enjoy the week!