Have the courage to take the next step

Well it’s that time where we get into talking about courage.

Courage is one of the emotions that drives results and living a full life. It usually takes us 20 seconds of courage in order to stand in an action.

Let me give you an example. There is a hot guy across from you at the bar that you have been eyeing, you could psych yourself up to go and say hi or stand near him, or a drink by him, whatever or you could listen to that self talk in your mind saying all those nasty things like you can’t do that, you aren’t worthy, he won’t like you and the list continues. What if you did for one moment stop listening to the monkey mind and took action, stood in the courage? What if you ended up marrying him because of that?

It takes 20 secs of courage in order to take an action that could change your life. It’s in those moments where we are nervous that there is so much value! Here’s to a courageous week… check out this week’s video!

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