Setting Up Your Week

All of us as business owners have so much to do, there’s so many things going on in our lives and so much happening around us!  Set your week up for success!
How do we channel in to make sure that we’re effectively executing all of the things on our list that we need to get done; whether it’s creating a daily “to do” list, or whether its creating a weekly goal, or whether its follow-up processes?

All of these are important pieces in movement of the business forward. So how do we make this work?
I talk about what we call WAM, which are Weekly Accountability Meetings with ourselves. It’s that time of the week where you actually block out time to sit with yourself to plan the week, to take a look at what is you’re going to need? What resources are we going to need? What preparation are we going to need? Proposals that need to go out. Different content that needs to be shifted, all of those things. And how are we positioning ourselves in our week to make sure that we can deliver that or align all of that up?

And those weekly accountability meetings are important in this whole process as it allows us to take the time to sit with ourselves to align this.
Most of us are running around with our head cut off consistently all throughout the day. You know, and its not a bad thing to be able to do that or to have that type of spontaneity in our lives, but it is another thing to have creative, organized spontaneity so that we are actually still effectively getting the stuff done that we need to get done.

There’s priorities always on our list, there are thing that we have to do under deadlines. And how are we aligning that so it doesn’t feel as heavy as it could if we weren’t as organized?
So getting yourself into a WAM meeting every week is a pivitol piece of importance.
Also, taking a look at the list and laying it out and going, “Are these things really important? Do we really need to have them on here? Are they that important that we need to get at them this week? Is there a way we can push them off to a different day or delegate them?” (Which is another thing.)

And maybe you’re a solopreneur and you have nobody to delegate to, but maybe that is something that you can focus on and extend yourself into to be able to help you with certain tasks that you know you don’t need to have all the control over. That someone else can help you and assist you inside of those tasks.
So today I say to you, create a “game plan” every single week for your execution, take the time to spend with your self.

And the last part about this is to find a process that works for you. When I need to get into a heavy execution phase, I literally will light my diffuser with some peppermint and lemon oils or depending on how I feel that day, any type of high vibrating oil.  I put on some music that I know will just get me locked into a focused state and then I go and execute. You know, I have my water nearby, or my tea, or whatever it is that I need to drink and everything I need is in my space, set up for me to go out an make it happen.

It’s about setting yourself up for success.                                                                                                                 
How are you, yourself, setting yourself up in order to make things happen?

Making things happen are obviously an important piece of moving our businesses forward.

Do it strategically so that you can get the results that you’re looking for.

Until next week 🙂