Dream the Dream

Sometimes, we as entrepreneurs, get caught up in the everyday, mundane”ness” of our life and we forget about the vision that we’ve created for the business or where we really want to take it.

Sometimes with all the stress and the challenges that we go through, because obviously that happens for us, we forget about the dream that it is. Why we created the business or what we’re really trying to achieve.

So today in my blog I challenge you to take a look back at ‘what is the vision of the business‘? If you’ve never created a vision statement for your business, it’s time to get one done for sure because the vision statement is what sets the tone for where it is we’re trying to go. It’s that dream and that goal to where it is that we’re headed.

And after you review your vision, I would also sit back for a few minutes and take a look at what it is you’re trying to expand and visualize what that’s going to look like. What it’s going to feel like. How is it going to be pushed forward for you to be able to get the business to go there?

You know, I use this example all the time when I do talks and I’m talking about vision. I picture myself on a stage talking in front of hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people and I see myself on there, I see myself talking, I see what I’m wearing, I’m owning it, what I look like.  Not really content, but the feeling of what it feels like to be on that stage. So for you, inside of your businesses, what is it that you can visualize and hone in on that is going to help take you to the next space? Because sometimes, I don’t know about you but definitely for me, I get lost inside of the everyday. I get lost inside of the “to-do” list and the things I need to get done, and you know the client portfolios, and the client goals sometimes, that I forget to honour myself and to honour my business model and where it is I want to take the business.

So dream the dream, take some time, make sure it’s in your schedule if you have to schedule it because it’s not something you normally want to do. But take the time to remember the vision. Lock that down and use it as a tool to continue moving forward.

Obviously I have a vision board in my office and I just recently put it back up on the wall and looked at it again this weekend with fresh eyes.  And going, “Wow, I really want to achieve all of this stuff.”   Feeling that heartbeat almost, inside of that board has brought me to a different space now when I’m maneuvering, talking about, or doing tasks moving forward.

So, I hope you align your vision. I hope that it’s really big and monstrous, and makes your heart beat fast to even think about potentially having it. And I really hope you go out and get it..
Have a great week!