The Ceiling of Complexity

Breaking through the Barriers that form the Ceiling of Complexity

We as humans made a decision somewhere in our life to put a barrier on top of our success or growth.  And now it might not have been intentional for us to do this; however, over time it may be based on what our friends have said to us, our family, a teacher, that caused us to have put in that barrier in our space. All of us have them, in different ways and different forms for different things and I reference that in this blog today calling it the ‘ceiling of complexity.’

What is it that’s inside of your space right now that’s not allowing you or that’s blocking you from taking your life to the next level?

It doesn’t have to be just in business, it could just be in any aspect of your life.  In relationships, in your career, in your health, in all of those sides of things. So what is that feeling of complexity?  What does it look like where you think to yourself, “Wow, I am hitting my head against that glass top here!” And what is it going to take to break through?

You know, sometimes it is just a shift in mindset for us to be able to recognize and honour that we need to have that shift and for that shift to kind of happen. Sometimes, it’s actually talking to a friend about how we perceive life to be and them giving us some advice. Sometimes we hire a coach in any aspect.  Whether it’s a personal trainer, whether it’s a life coach for different other aspects. Whatever that kind of looks like for us, there’s always a way for us to be able to see things differently.

So how in your life are you taking a look at that ceiling of complexity?  Of those barriers that you’ve put in and asking yourself, “How am I pushing through this?”  “How am I going to alleviate this?” “How am I going to maneuver myself to be able to push through this ceiling of complexity?”

Sometimes it’s just knowledge, sometimes it’s actually reading information and implementing the information. I am privileged to be part of a mastermind group that is reading right now the book called The Science of Getting Rich. If you haven’t read it before, I highly suggest you take a look at it…..

In 1910, Wallace Waddles wrote this book and phenomenal information. I’ve read it before but now we are actually studying the book. Like how are we taking those principles that are simplified and root principles and implementing them in our lives?  And how to make sure that we break through all those ceilings of complexity, or those barriers that we’ve put through?

You know, we’re humans, we interact with people, we get to acknowledge people, we get to stand beside people and be observed and sometimes we take on this stuff.  And how are we releasing everyone else’s perception of our lives, and our businesses, and our careers and allowing ourselves to really get into that success mode, whatever that means for you.  It doesn’t always have to be monetarily driven, it could be from a heart-centred place.  Success for you could be; feeding tens of thousands of people, or removing this from that person’s life or saving that many animals or whatever it is that is right for you.

Success means different things to each of us.  So I ask you and I challenge you today to take a look, reflect inside of yourself to see what is that ceiling of complexity?  What is it that’s holding you back in those barriers?  And allow yourself to be able to remove yourself from that to make things happen in your space.

I believe in you, it’s time for you to start believing in yourself if you don’t.  And I think that we can do magic and create magic together if we all start to align ourselves with our talents and with our pure potential.

So until next time.