Every day we have the choice to make things happen. We have the choice to push things forward. We have the choice to exist or to strive in our world.
It’s interesting, we as humans, tend to live in the mentality or in the comfort zone of life. I don’t know if you’ve ever been there before but I can imagine that you have in some aspect of your life.  Whether it be through your school or through your career choices or in your business. I’m coming across quite a few people these days that are just doing the bare minimum to get by.

Instead of just the minimum, they could be actually taking a look at where and how they need to place their focus.

Where they need to focus in, what they need to focus on, and how they can move through into that focus to get to the things they want to do.   In smaller amounts of time, in more productive ways, and in a more efficient manner.

If we as people, could just take a look at those things that really need to get done. You know, we’re in the growth stage of our business and we really need to execute x y and z. It has to be in diverse fashion, it has to show up like this. So how are we getting the stuff done off of our list? How are we pulling the emotion out of the things that we need to do in order to go and execute?

We come up with so many excuses in our life and I don’t know if you’ve ever had this opportunity in order for you to come up with excuses, but most of us have. Where it’s, “I don’t have enough time.” “I’m not motivated.” “I don’t really want to.”  Those are the conversations we have with ourselves.  I really believe that we are never really going to know our full potential and talent in anything, whether it be in our health, whether it be in relationships, unless we play full on.

Now I’m not talking about working non-stop, hard work, sweating it up every single day. I’m talking about more smart, focused, effective work to get the things done that we need to do.

A few things to keep you focused:
1) planning – making sure you have a plan, that you revise the plan, you execute the plan. Every day.
2) scheduling – put it in your calendar to make sure that you can move through it and make it happen. Schedule it, hold yourself to the schedule. Every day.
3) reminders – Maybe you have to remind yourself of things. I have some of my clients that put up posters in their spaces.  Whether its in their offices, on their fridge, on their mirror.  Notes that may say “Because I can, I will.” Just a reminder for us to make things happen and keep moving things forward. Every day.

I hope this helps, I hope this helps to get your mindset back to be able to execute.  Because I really believe all of us have the ability to be successful in whatever way that means for us.  (we can help!)

Go out this week and go and get it!  Every day!