Business Coach vs. Business Consulting. Which One is Right for You?

Business Coach vs. Business Consulting
Which One is Right for You?

I just recently read an article posted in the Huffington Post that wrote about business coaching vs. business consulting.

Have you ever thought about the differences?

The article outlines what a business coach does, and they say a business coach works with you to develop the skills you already have and they work to bring out the best of you. A business coach can help you develop your purpose, will brainstorm with you and motivate you in your business. Many coaches also address mindset issues such as limiting beliefs, fear, and self sabotage, which are extremely important to address. They also provide support and accountability to ensure that you are following through on your action steps. So overall, the result is you having a plan of action for your business after brainstorming and your coach will support you to implement it.

What a business consultant is, is more of an expert you to turn to for help in your business. They teach you the skills you don’t know, analyze your business and create an action plan for you to implement. They are well versed in business planning and strategy which they use to help gauge the direction and scalability of your business. They also work with you regarding customer acquisition and retention, systems, packaging of services, pricing, sales, and marketing. Business consultants analyze the goals you have for your business and help you create the action plan required for you to actually accomplish those goals.

Business Coaching, Business Consulting, Looking for a coach, York Region coaching, Results in business, business development, marketing strategies Based on both of those explanations, we at CLC Consulting do both. We do coach in business and we also consult in business. Our work is about strategic growth planning. How do we take your business from A to Z and what are the steps necessary for us to get there.
What might be the importance of having someone that can coach but can also consult in your business? It is that they’re able to break you through the mindset shifts that you need to have, they’re able to break you out of the patterns that you have created, and to bring more clarity along with a different point of view into what it is you’re looking for.
So, as this article says, a coach is like a partner while a consultant is more like an advisor.

So when you’re trying to decide what you need to hire, some things to think about:

1. What you know about running a business.
2. The level of support that you require.
3.The results you would like to achieve.

Once you have all of that formulated, you’re able then to assess what it is the needs are that you’re looking for: whether it would be to create new procedures in the business, helping find people from an employment perspective, creating new processes, or generating new marketing capabilities.
A consultant and a coach have the capabilities of helping you in different directions, depending upon your needs. So, when you’re considering hiring somebody to help you move your business through, take a look and consider the points we’ve just outlined. Both are important in the aspect of things that you’re shifting towards and if you can get both a business coach and a consultant in one stop shop that its the most amazing thing that you can do for you and your business.
Hope you’re having a great week, and we look forward to seeing you soon!