Productivity Tips

All of us, if we’ve ever been in business before, or self-employed, or have a commission based position in our employed jobs come to realize we need to be more productive and we search around for productivity tips to help us. Not sure if you have ever felt like this before? Business productivity tips, business coaching, tips for business, effective time management, time blocking, productivity in business

A few key productivity tips on how to become more effective in your businesses, and how to align that and remove the energy so that we can continue to move forward without feeling all that stress.

Productivity Tip 1: Co-ordinate or schedule your calendar in time block chunks.

Have you ever heard of time blocking? wrote a great article on it if you want more information on time blocking.  Let’s just say you’re in one area of town, let’s say Newmarket, at 10 am one day, why not coordinate all your meetings in Newmarket that day.  Or let’s just say, you’re coming from Newmarket and going up to Barrie, how are you then making meetings potentially on your drive up to co-ordinate all of that so that you’re more productive in that time. Scheduling tasks and meetings that coordinate areas and/or specific outcomes will make you more productive in a day.

Productivity Tip 2: Use your driving time to get calls in.

Potentially, if you’re comfortable with it like I am, I use my Bluetooth all the time in my car.  I’ll make some follow-up calls while I’m driving if it makes sense for me if I’m on the road for a longer period or I need to connect or follow-up with some people about certain things or  confirming things up. I’ll make those calls while I’m driving so I’ll allow myself to be able to maximize that time.  A couple other things you can do while you’re driving if you’re reading a book, you can throw the audio book on so that you’re still getting in productive time.  Also too, you can listen to different audio programs like podcasts, anything else that you’re listening to from an educational perspective so that you can maximize the time so you’re not coming home later on going, “Oh I need to read,” or “Oh I should have listened to more information,”. Especially if we’re in our own business, there is so much information and things that we’re learning all the time or that we want to learn and it’s important for us to be balance that inside of our space and what we’re doing.

Productivity Tip 3:  Seek help

It helps to rely on other people in our lives, whether it’s an assistant, whether it’s a collaborator or whether it’s our bookkeeper to do some of the tasks that we don’t want to be doing or that we’re not great at.  We all have an instinctual drive in the way that we do our world and our Kolbe tells us that.  For more information, you can click on this link about Kolbe.  From that point of view, some of us are better at certain things than others.  So how do we align that so we can become more productive at doing the tasks? (because obviously it’s not safe to say that we can get away from doing all of the tasks that we’re not good at). We chunk the tasks into small bits of time so that we can become more productive. I think that’s the important piece about all of this is about, how do we take a look at where our strengths are and where we’re good at and how do we allow ourselves to spend more time in that space and less time in the stuff that we’re not good at.  Piecing things out into small pieces will help us clear some things off of our plates faster with less procrastination.

Productivity Tip 4: Get Creative

Maybe it’s about waking up half an hour earlier in the morning and getting that workout in before your day starts so you’re not worried about it later on.  Or maybe it’s that time that you take in the morning to do your meditation to ground yourself, to review your goals and to move those things forward.  Because sometimes we just need that extra time, and it allows us to flow better in the day so we are more productive. Finding other ways to maybe automate certain tasks, create a duplicatable system so you don’t have to think about it and you just do, are other great examples of being more productive.

So I’m wishing you tons of productivity in your week this week, hopefully you are able to take something from this and implement that into your own space, into your own businesses, into your own productive template so that you can go out and get the results that you are looking for.

Until next time…..