5 Reasons to Hire a Business Coach

In my personal experience I have worked with business coaches and of course  believe in working with coaches. I really feel because I am a business coach, it’s imperative from an integrity perspective to work with a coach.

However through my experience I have found that these are the top 5 reasons that I suggest people work with a business coach:

1. Accountabililty:

I personally have found that there are alot people out there would run faster, accomplish and finish something sooner, if someone else is watching. Would you agree? So if I know somebody is watching and I’m accountable to those results to my business coach, it’s important for me to be able to get things done.

The key piece in moving things forward and in action in our business is being accountable to those results. So that business coach in my life always helps me to keep be accountable, keeps me on my toes, and even at the last minute I’m rushing to accomplish things to make sure I get things done because I’m accountable to them to get it done. It’s like this sweet, cooperative relationship.

2. Their resources:

I’ve had the experience that I’ve worked with a master coach before in a certain degree of a business that I pushed forward, who gave me proposals that she had sent out to other clients that I could use as a template. She also gave me a glimpse into her online strategies for marketing and promoting some aspects of her business. It was really great for me to be able to use that as a template and make it my own. Her experience allowed me to have some resources that were easier for me to use, quicker for me to implement changes and they also had a proven result, which was amazing!

3. Perspective:

They see things that may be different than what you see as we all have our own perception of life and our own thought process about things. When you’re in a challenge, just like we’ve all experienced before, a different insight with different experiences in life can be brought through because of a business coach. They see things differently, they see the hangups that we might be in and they just have a completely different eye for the situation. As they aren’t in the everyday of the business like we are, their view on challenges, situations, road blocks becomes different.

4. Their Network.

You don’t know who they know. My goal always as a coach is to make sure I can bring in resources and potential collaborative or referral networks for my clients and that same thing has happened for me. So using a coach, they’re able to connect me to different people  that I might otherwise not have reach to. So when I ask, “Hey do you know somebody that specializes in SEO?”, or “I’m really trapped in this position”, and they go, “Hey I have somebody”, or “I know someone”. I have vetted my network, so when I refer someone I know they are the expert in their field, they have it going on and can service the needs that you have.

5. All successful people have coaches

All professional athletes have coaches, all executives are accountable and have coaches. So, if I’m going to be playing at my “A” game, I need to make sure that I’m hiring people in my space to help me get to my “A” game.

That’s exactly how I see my life, so I would hire a business coach because I’m looking to take my game to the next level. I know that having a coach brings in accountability, new referral networks, a different eye on things, and more resources so that I am able to take it to the next level. If the coach you are hiring does not have a coach, isn’t an avid learner, does not have networks to pull from and isn’t willing to share resources with you as client… you might want to keep looking for the right one. Enjoy the week!


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