Are You a Buoy or an Anchor?

Have you ever thought of your mindset in your life or in your business as an anchor or a buoy?

In context to this, an anchor is defined by Wikipedia as; a heavy object attached to a rope or chain and used to moor a vessel to the sea bottom….

or, do you consider yourself more a buoy , Wikipedia defines it as;  an anchored float served as a navigation mark. Reading these definitions, which one do you consider yourself to be more similar to?

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You get to chose to be an anchor or a buoy

If we put them in context, let’s talk about an anchor:

An anchor is at the bottom of the sea, not allowing things to move. It’s struggling in the space in order to keep itself at the bottom of the sea. It’s usually a heavy weight. So if we take a look at this in normal life. it would be a negative mentality, a situation in your life that keeps holding you back, a challenge that you’re having or a problem in your space, and it’s that heavy anchor, it’s that thing inside of your life that keeps weighing you down.

Instead of looking at it from a different point of view, we keep that weight on our shoulders, that anchor inside of that water in order to keep holding us back from the things that we really want to do and want in life.
So have you ever considered yourself an anchor? Have you ever considered yourself being there, stuck in situations and allowing that weight to hold you down?

Are you more like a buoy?

A buoy is the one that is floating on top of the surface, maneuvering with the water, consistently in motion. Always maneuvering through, lighter in weight, more decisive inside of their thought process. A lot more positive but of course they’re obviously used as a warning for boats, but in our mindset and in our lives, they’re there as a representation for us about how do we get through space, and how do we get things go faster. They float and maneuver with the tides, they adapt and keep things in motion.
So I ask you the question today; “Are you an anchor or are you a buoy?” And how are you doing life like that?
Every single moment in our life, we get to make a decision. We get to decide whether we’re being weighed down , or whether we’re floating up to the surface. So take a look at those big, huge challenges in your life, the ones coming up, or the ones we keep procrastinating on and think to yourself, “Am I doing life with the situation like an anchor, or am I doing it like a buoy?”
If the word “anchor” comes up, no worries, now you get a chance to make a decision moving forward on how you want that to change.

How this applies in business coaching?

In business coaching the questions come through all the time are you a buoy or an anchor? What type of circumstance is the situation yielding you to be. When you are being coached in business or you are consider a business coach, I would challenge you to ask them their thoughts on being a buoy or anchor and how they think it applies in their business coaching process and see what they say. Frankly I believe that we always need to be moving, it might not be quickly but we are moving in strides to achieve whatever it is we are set out to do.
So hopefully you had a great long weekend, you came back refreshed and you’re looking to make those great, awesome choices in your life. And of course, choosing to be a buoy isn’t easy every single day of the week, but if we do it 80% of the time, it yields some really phenomenal results.
So have a great week!…and until next week… 🙂