5 Tips for Nailing out the Middle of Your Week

So it’s Wednesday, and we’ve obviously had Monday and Tuesday pass so far and we still have Thursday and Friday left. So how are you going to make do with the rest of your week

CLC Consulting Business Tips and nail things out?


1. The first thing to do is take a look at your list and see what’s left on it, what you haven’t been focusing on and go out and hash that out. Make a list of executables, book off time in your schedule and go and make that happen. You want to make sure you finish off the week with a bang going into Friday so that by the weekend, especially with us as entrepreneurs we tend to hold everything back until the end of the week, we want the weekend to be yours. Go out and own the time this week to go make that happen.
2. Align yourself with positive people, take a look at positive videos online and search for motivation to make you, and continue to make you, move through the week. Sometimes we get so stuck in the middle of the week with burnout that we need to have that little bit of empowerment.
3. Take a break today, go do yoga, meditate, go have a really intense workout that will help create or move the endorphins forward in order to execute. It’s a key aspect for us to be able to move forward and have that positiveness.
4. Phone a really cool person in your life that always makes you laugh. You know you have that one friend, or maybe you have a few of them, that always make you laugh all the time. Pick up the phone and call them. See what they’re up to, get them to tell you a joke. Start laughing and finding that sense of “funness” in the rest of your week. So take that, hold on to it and move it forward.
5. You know, Wednesdays might be a good time to have a glass of wine tonight 🙂 Honour what you’ve done already so far, honour what’s happened, accept the space that you’re in and then create the plan to move forward.

If you use any of these 5 tips in order to move your week forward I can guarantee you, you will have a great week, a great time, feel accomplished, feel lighter, and have some really awesome things happening for you. Plus… it’s the long weekend this weekend… who wants to be working… GET IT DONE!!….so, until we meet again.