The Power in Collaboration

So you own a small business and most of the time we’re out there pushing things out on our own and executing ourselves, creating all of our promotion ourselves, and trying to figure out how to make this all work.
Have you ever felt like this before? I’m sure you have because we all have been in that space. And it wasn’t up until a couple of years ago that I realized the value of what collaborating as a business coach and what referral partners can do for your small business. Now I’m not just talking about joining a networking group, I’m talking about when you’re out in everyday life, finding ways to collaborate with people to move your business forward.
So I’ll give you an example; I met up with a graphic designer once and we sat down, of course I understood what she does, but did I really understand the power of our relationship? It wasn’t until we really sat down and hashed out some conversation, talked  about ways we could create together and how we could support each other. After that meeting she started seeing how the value of me being in her clients’ life could emphasize firstly her work with them but also align the goals of the client together. As I’m then sitting with the client we now can take a look at; from their marketing perspective, what are the tools they are going to need and how do I align it back to my graphic designer to be able to bring more value to them. Where I’m kind of like a one stop shop in that I have these “tools” in my “toolbox” to be able to help out my clients. So whether it’s in signs, whether it’s in bookkeeping, whether it’s in graphic design, whether it’s in networking abilities and people we know there, whether its in event planners, whether it’s in social media managers, whether it’s in VA’s, we all have a way to figure out how to collaborate.

So how do you create that toolbox for yourself in your own business. So if you’re a dentist and your client comes in and they can’t sit in a chair for very long because their back hurts or their hip hurts, how do you collaborate with a chiropractor or a massage therapist or other key referral partners to assist that client and then in turn potentially create a referral partner where that chiro/massage therapist then in turn starts to refer back to you?
Now of course you’re going to vet the people, you’re going to make sure they are in alignment with what you push out, your brand, the quality and integrity of the work that you do however having this network of people creates what I call magic. It’s that sweet space and that sweet spot inside of that business where you get a call on a Monday morning saying, “Yes, I got another appointment for you, my client wants to see you,” or if on a Friday afternoon saying, “Colleen, my client really wants to meet with you”, or its a call that you get in the morning, “Colleen, my client really needs to get a Kolbe done.”
It’s those calls that you consistently start to get and you have this “collaborativeness” and all of these people supporting you in your business. So its making things easier but its also proving out your credibility: that you execute, that you align with all the things that you say  you are going to do and that you are a valuable resource for people to want to know.
The more people that promote you, the more credibility you have.
So I challenge you to sit with yourself this week to take a look at; who are potential referral partners for you, how do you create more collaboration in your businesses, and go out and make it happen.
The week is yours, it’s yours for the taking, you get to make a choice and decide.
…..until next time