So You’ve Been Thinking About Self-Publishing a Book

Have you been thinking about self-publishing a book?
It’s one of those things inside of us that sometimes throughout our lifetime we’ve thought about it. “Oh, maybe I should write a book about that”, or “Maybe I should write a book about this.”
And sometimes we get so stuck in that moment, or in that scared mentality of, “what would we really say,” or “I don’t know if I can write a book, I’m not sure if people would want to read what I have to write.”
So I challenge you today to step inside of that space and just to get it done. If it’s something that you’ve been thinking about just start and maneuver through. There’s a couple of resources that you can lean on if you’re not that great at writing.

There are some of my clients that are more oral communicators, they communicate best through speaking about it. Why not dictate the book? Why not do a voice recording of certain parts of the book and things that you’re thinking of in order to be able to move it through. Maybe you can find somebody who can write the book for you?  There are so many ghost writers out there and people that have the skills and ability to write. Why don’t you lean on them if it’s something that you’re not great at?
I really believe that all of us go through life creating this great.  Sometimes the things we experience are trying and challenging but they create this perfection in the path.  And through our story we have learned things, things that other people may need to know, want to know, or could learn from themselves. I really believe that we go through certain experiences to be able to teach from them. So why not start to put together your experiences to be able to teach somebody through a book.

Now it is a new craze, a lot of people are writing books, but sometimes for us the book is a way to forgive, a book is a way to move through, a book is a way for us to honour that side of our life. You know, it could be personal stories or it could be a book on tips from your industry. If you are in a small business, I really believe that every single person should become an expert in that business. So, if you’re a chef, you need to become an expert in being that chef, whether it’s veganism or whether it’s Italian, or Indian food, you are an expert in a certain expertise. And it’s the same thing in when we play sports, we become an expert in that sport, in that type of movement; pushing things forward. So I challenge you today to consider writing a book. Sit with yourself and take those experiences or take that knowledge and start to move through that to get it out. There’s so many tools these days for you to be able to self publish that book. There are so many companies out there, they aren’t just in York Region or in Barrie there are some across Canada and even some in the United States. Do the research and if you’re questioning or you’re thinking about this process and you want to talk with somebody who’s been through it, I’d be more than happy to help you investigate options for yourself to be able to consider what it is and how to move through.

I have a package even that I put together to help people self publish and the steps it’s going to take in order to move through that. So from just a guidance perspective, whether it’s a checklist or a workshop that I host or whether it’s a one to one session that we work through together.

There are so many options, don’t be afraid to take that next step, for yourself and for your business, but most of all for that reader looking for what you have to say.  Because maybe the book is the missing piece for you.
Until we meet again, have yourself a great week!